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Payment Method

1. I accept all the bank transfer to my account bank below :-

2. Transactions thru :-
  • Cash Deposit Machine & Bank Counter Transfer
             - Please scan / snap a picture of transactions receipt and attach to email.Then
               send it to me. 
               *Do not compose new email. Just replying my confirmation email before*.
  • Online Banking / Interbank Fund Transfer
        -  Please insert email theahmfashion@gmail.com at section Beneficiary Payment     
           Alert. It's important & compulsory.
3.  Account number will be given thru email once the order is confirmed.
4. Once the transaction is completed, please email me the details below :-
  • Date / Time of Transactions
  • Method of Transfer e.g Cash Deposit, Internet Banking, etc.
  • Transaction reference number 
  • Amount Transferred 
5. Please note that payment which made from other bank (Interbank Transfer) will takes 1 to 3 working days to process the payment to my account above. So, i will ship your items once i received the payment.
6. I reserve the right to cancel your order if i do not receive your payment within 3 calendar days after your order.